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Tennis - Girls » Vikings Team Standards

Vikings Team Standards

1. Commitment
Players should attend practices on a regular basis giving full attention, and effort in practice and matches. Players should continue to work on their craft outside of team practices to improve and work on their game. Your presence is important for everyone to succeed.
2. Respect
Show respect to teammates, parents, coaches, and opponents. Never demean any opponents. Have great sportsmanship by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Be on time to practices, matches, and other team events.
3. Health
Be diligent with nutrition by consuming predominantly whole foods, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Take care of your mental health. Staying active is an important part of that. Consider meditation, journaling, speaking well of yourself, making decisions that respect yourself, etc.
4. Discipline
Have the discipline to make decisions that will help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Take practices seriously, have the motivation to improve on a daily basis. Expect to work hard for what you want to achieve, instead of them being handed to you.
5. Competition & Growth
Be a relentless competitor in practice and matches. Compete at your highest level by working to be excellent at everything you do.
6. Flexibility
Stay positive, be open to change. Stay away from complaining. Complaining is disempowering. Have an open mind, and be able to give/take feedback from teammates, parents, and coaches.

7. Enjoyment
Enjoy being a part of the team, have a balance between work and fun. Appreciate the moment of being able to play. Practice staying positive and not giving into frustration of the game. Every time you show up, you are growing.
8. Communication
Decisions will be made in a fair manner, and will be communicated to everyone. Be honest and straightforward at all times. Having open communication will build trust.
9. Support
Help each other in times of need. Have positive affirmations. Stay positive during matches and constantly encourage teammates, especially when others are down or not in a positive mindset. Be inclusive, team bonding events will be important to build rapport.
10. Confidence
Build confidence in your game by showing up 100% to every practice. Focus on technique, fitness, and mental game. Be honest with yourself about what you know, and what you still need to learn. Practice doing things that you are unsure about. Embrace new opportunities to prove that you can do difficult things.
11. Selflessness
Be willing to serve others by giving your time, energy, and resources for the benefit of others. (This is useful in tennis and in everywhere else in life). Everyone brings value to the team. Understand that your value is not measured in playing time or your position on the team. Leadership is a mindset and behavior, not a position or title.