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Grade Level Emphasis

Where am I going to go...... and how am I going to get there?
Decisions you make now will impact your future.  Choose courses that help you with many careers of your choice!
 Over 50% of the jobs that today's students will work in have not been created.  CEO's of local businesses report that the following skills are lacking in today's entry level workers:
  • Basic Business Conduct
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Communication skills 
 Freshman (9th grade) attend the 9th grade Career Seminar class and explore the question, "Who am I?" by completing focused on learning about their own strengths, weaknesses, skills and interests.  They learn to use the Naviance system by completing personality, college, and career match surveys.  Additionally, students explore pathways and complete a 4-year plan with their counselor. 
Sophomores (10th grade) focus on Career Awareness. Sophomores utilize the results from Naviance to identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations.  Sophomores are encoraged to investigate many helpful applications and links that will assist them in the development of effective strategies to realize their career goals; answering the age old question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?"
Juniors (11th grade) - Where Do I Go From Here?
During the first semester, all juniors attend an all day off-campus conference called, "Connecting to Success."  There is a keynote address and breakout sessions, all taught by local business leaders.  Topics include:
  • Ethics in the workplace
  • Building Your Image
  • Money Smarts 
 Seniors (12th grade) - How Am I Going to Get There?
Seniors focus on the transition process for post high school life, with an emphasis in post secondary education.  Seniors are required to take the "Career Exploration" class, a one semester class involving a minimum of 45 hour internship with a mentor.  During the class, students will refer back to the Naviance system and complete the personality and career match surveys, then compare and reflect on how they have changed and grown during their high school experience. 
 Pathway Opportunities - see PATHWAY site for more information.
There are many different PATHWAY options available to students.  A pathway offers students an opportunity to concentrate on specific courses in a cluster that will reward them with a certification within completion of the desired PATHWAY.  See PATHWAY adviser for complete details of specific courses required to complete the PATHWAY including internship hours. 
What is College and Career Readiness (CCR)?
College and Career Readiness at Valencia High School involves every student.  All students participate in the program, "Focus on Your Future."  CCR is an overall emphasis on developing those work place skills that will enable our students to be better qualified to compete for a career of their choosing in the future.  Over half of today's workforce reports being unhappy with their job, feeling it is not a good match for their skills and abilities.  Ninety-five percent of jobs in the future will require some type of education beyond a high-school diploma.  CCR allow students to discover their talents, skills, and abilities and then can chart an appropriate course towards career choices in order to produce a more informed, satisfied, and productive workforce.