Geometry 1A ~ 1st Semester Fall 2022
     Class Communication ~ Google Classroom, Remind (separate code for each period) 
Google Classroom ~  (Main Platform used for class assignments)
            Period 2 ~ 5627ykc                    Period 3 ~ ak5w5qp
            Period 4 ~ 2gzhk4d                    Period 5 ~ bxvzmdm
    •  I always send out the Daily assignment file in Google Classroom (the night before the lesson), along with "Filled in Notes"  you can review in Google Classroom, as well as the link below,   posted in date order
Remind ~ texting app used to communicate daily messages.
  • I send out selected homework answers, daily updates, Quiz / Quest reminders via "Remind"
  • If you have any questions / or concerns you need to let me know privately ( It is NOT public, and you can take pictures of your work so I can easily help you out :) 
If you have been out of school for any reason, or need to review what was discussed in class (I don't want you to feel lost or behind.)   Please use these resources found in Google Classroom to stay current with the class
I am here to help you ~ please contact me via Remind.