Forgot to pick up your Diploma?

Please come to the Registrar's office Monday-Wednesday from 8-12 noon with your ID.

Class of 2024 Final Transcripts will be sent out the 2nd week of June via Xello

Are you a past Alumni and need your Official transcript?  

  1. All official transcript requests must be in writing.
  2. You must print out the Request for Transcript Form and email the Registrar's Office or come to our office and fill a card out.

  3. We also require a photo ID for verification; you can fax or email a copy of your photo ID to our office.
  4. If you are emailing it along with the "Request for Transcript form" simply take a picture of your ID with your phone and upload it to [email protected]

        All transcript requests will usually be processed within 24 hours.

      If you are requesting the transcript to be sent to a College, you can provide us with Admissions email, and we             can send it via email to them and copy you on the email.

Email Requests for Transcripts to: 
[email protected] 
OR you can Mail it to:

Registrar's Office
Valencia High School
27801 North Dickason Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
FAX: 661-294-0135

Need to enroll your student? (How to enroll)

Enrollments and Withdrawals are done in person at Valencia HS Registrar's Office.
Summer Enrollments are processed MONDAY- Thursday FROM 7:30-12 NOON ONLY.

Please email [email protected] and [email protected] and provide us with your address, so we can verify you live within our boundaries.

In order to expedite your enrollment process, please read the Required Documents and have all of the items required and in your possession before proceeding to enroll at Valencia HS.

A student will not be enrolled unless all documentation is provided. 

For additional information please contact the Registrar's Office  at 661-294-1188 #415 or Assistant Registrar at t#414.