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Classes Offered


Grades 9-12
Credits 5-10
Students will develop an understanding and working knowledge of aerobic exercise routines including:  warm-up, aerobic exercise, body toning and cool down.  Developing the efficiency of the heart and lungs, burning more calories and controlling the percentage of body fat are the primary goals of the course.  Participants will also learn the basics of strength training and nutrition.

     Athletic Body Conditioning
Grades 9-12
Credits 2.5-20
Prerequisite:  Participant on an athletic team
This course is designed for the athlete to develop strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and body fitness during the off season.

     Body Conditioning
Grades 10-12
Credits 5
This course is designed for the student wishing to develop overall strength and endurance.  Principles of weight training, proper diet and nutrition, and basic anatomy will be taught.

Grades 9-12
Credits 5-40
Prerequisite:  selection by a panel of judges in the spring of each school year
Member of the cheer squad will learn routines, organize rallies, and support athletic teams.  Due to the time commitment required, members may not participate in another sport.  Participation on the squad requires excellent health and stamina.

     Dance Team
Grades 9-12
Credits 5-40
Prerequisite:  selection by a panel of judges
The dance team is a precision oriented performance ensemble.  Utilizing dance moves and original choreography, the team visually interprets selected musical repertoire.  Participation in rehearsals and performance is mandatory and considered to be a part of the course requirements.

     Flags and Banners
Grades 9-12
Credits 5-40
Prerequisite:  permission of the instructor
The team is a pageantry oriented performance ensemble.  This group visually interprets selected musical repertoire utilizing basic dance moves, original choreography, and traditional marching techniques, including use of props.  The team performs both as an auxiliary unit of the marching band and as a separate unit.  Participation in rehearsals and performances is mandatory and considered a part of the course requirements.

     Interscholastic Athletic Teams
Grades 9-12
Credits 2.5-40
Prerequisite:  permission from the head coach of a sport to participate in that sport on a seasonal basis
Fall teams include:  basketball, cross country, football, girls’ tennis, girls’ volleyball, and soccer.  Spring teams include:  baseball, boys’ tennis, boys’ volleyball, golf, softball, swimming, and track.